Mrsz.Tina's Detox-Health Tea "Burn Fat" 2/$25

Mrsz.Tina's Detox-Health Tea "Burn Fat" 2/$25

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Combined with light exercise/ Drink Water Daily


*Weight loss when used with Exercise
*Burn calories
*Boost metabolism
*Cleanse body
*Suppress appetite
*Increase energy levels

Natural made with fine blend of moringa, lotus leaf, cassia seed, oolong tea. 100% natural. No chemicals or preservatives.

- Place 1 sachet into a cup of hot water and stands a few minutes, remove sachet and drink.
- Drinking with honey or lemon will help results.
- Not suitable for children or pregnant women.

- Please Consult your physician before use or with any preexisting any medical conditions/ allergies/ If on any medication.

Servings per pack: 4g per sachet



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